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We are delighted to announce that Ride and Stride will take place on Saturday 12th September 2020. Only some churches will be open, but Riders and Striders can ride past all churches and raise funds as usual to help preserve our wonderful churches for generations to come.

Bard’s Ride will not take place this year, but we are asking all Bard’s Ride participants from last year to join Ride and Stride this year and choose their own routes to support us. We are starting to plan Bard’s Ride 2021 and we hope to make it even more successful than last year.  


The objective is still to ride or stride past or visit as many churches and chapels so as you can to obtain sponsorship for your efforts. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic –

  • Assume that churches will not be open and that there will be no one to welcome you or provide refreshments, so please take your own.
  • Toilets are unlikely to be available
  • There will be no Register of Visitors, so if you need to demonstrate that you have ridden or walked past churches, please take selfies on your phone camera.
  • Follow Government guidance on Covid-19, extant at the time
  • If a church is open, touch as little as possible
  • Take hand sanitiser
  • Use off road routes where possible and remember the Highway Code.
  • Stay safe and enjoy the day


The Warwickshire and Coventry Churches Historic Trust is a registered charity, non-religious and self-supporting.

We maintain churches, chapels and meeting rooms in Warwickshire – and areas of the West Midlands that are also within the Diocese of Coventry – as centres of worship and of local community. Regular upkeep of the fabric of our historic buildings is vital to their preservation as an essential part of our architectural and cultural heritage. To preserve our churches for future generations to enjoy, our Trust Fund provides grants for works of repair and maintenance and can include conservation of fixtures and fittings and chattels.Our main fundraising event each year is Ride and Stride which takes place on the second Saturday of September (In 2020 it will take place on 12th September). See more information here.

On Saturday 14th September 2019, alongside Ride & Stride, we held a brand new event called the Bard’s Ride – two organised bike rides around the wonderful South Warwickshire countryside. It was a great success in stunning sunshine. Take a look at our report and great photos on our Bard’s Ride page. We look forward to holding Bard’s Ride again in 2021.  

If you have any queries about Ride and Stride, the Bard’s Ride or the work of the WCHCT, please get in touch with us at admin@warwickshirechurches.org.uk .

Thank you very much for your support.

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    In the last 3 years we have supported churches with Grants
    from the Trust and NCT grants totalling over £38,000.

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    Some facts about
    Warwickshire churches

    There are about 300 churches in the County which need your support for repair and maintenance.

    Warwickshire churches, the majority of which are historically important, receive no government funding, unlike in other European countries.

    Surveys have shown that 86% of the population have visited a place of worship in the previous 12 months.