You can choose any route you like for your Ride or Stride. Since 2009 we have been publishing suggested routes that have been researched to provide scenic enjoyment and the avoidance of major roads – as much as that is possible.

These are spread out all over the county so you should find one near you.


For the more adventurous, it is possible to link up one or more rides together.

Downloadable pdf leaflets of established rides:

ROUTE-LR2-George Eliot Country
ROUTE-LR3 The Salford/ Bidford
ROUTE-LR4 Stratford-upon-Avon/Shakespeare
ROUTE-LR5 Shipston
ROUTE-LR6 South Warwickshire Seven
ROUTE-LR7 Stour Valley
ROUTE-LR8 Stourdene Circuit
ROUTE-LR10 Warwick & Leamington
ROUTE-LR11 Round the Rugby
ROUTE-LR13 East Arden Local Ride
ROUTE-LR14 Atherstone to the Centre of England
ROUTE-LR15 Coventry West
ROUTE-LW01 Warwick Churches
ROUTE-LW02 Dassett Hills
ROUTE-LW03 Stratford upon Avon Churches