We will be holding Ride & Stride on September 12th 2020. Please take up the challenge and join us as a Rider or Strider this year. You will be helping raise money for church repairs and restoration projects throughout Warwickshire and Coventry to protect our architectural heritage for future generations.

 It’s a great day out and is the perfect opportunity to get some exercise outdoors with your household group or ‘bubbles’. Due to Covd-19 it is possible that many churches will be closed, so this year we are asking people to simply ride past them. (It would be very helpful if you can contact your local church, chapel or meeting room to let them know you are going to take part in the Ride & Stride event this year.)

You can plan your day to suit yourself by choosing the churches you visit and organising your own sponsorship. Your choice of transport is up to you – by bike, horse, tractor or buggy – or any form of transport you choose!

You can donate an amount yourself or can find sponsors for your fundraising and can collect the money from them and send it to our Treasurer.

Alternatively, you can create a Virgin Money page online and make sponsorship easy. We will be providing a Ride and Stride link in early August. When you set up your own fundraising page on Virgin Money, please be sure to include the name of the church you are riding or striding for. 

Scroll down this page to find a poster and all the forms and information you’ll need. 

Fundraising amounts are shared 50/50 between the WCHCT and the church for which a participant rides or strides.

Don’t forget there is a prize of £100 for the individual with the highest sponsorship (as well as a £250 prize for the church with the highest sponsorship).

Have a look at some examples of Warwickshire walks here

Taking part is easy:

Download the briefing documents and forms you will need here. They will be available to download from 14th August 2020:

  •  Riders and Striders Information Pack 

 This Information Pack includes the following forms and documents which can be downloaded here as separate pages if you wish. 

  • Introduction for Riders and Striders
  • Registration Form for Riders and Striders
  • Sponsorship Form for Riders and Striders (includes information about online fundraising.)
  •  Safety Information

Recording visits to Churches. As many churches will be shut, if Riders or Striders feel that they need to show their sponsors that they have ridden past churches, we suggest that they take photos on their phone.

In addition, you will need to read our Risk Assessment document which is here: Risk Assessment

Publicity material

  • Poster
  • Stickers
  • If you are taking photos for sharing or publication, please ensure that you have permission from the people appearing in them. A form is attached here.



The objective is still to ride or stride past or visit as many churches and chapels so as you can to obtain sponsorship for your efforts. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic –

  • Assume that churches will not be open and that there will be no one to welcome you or provide refreshments, so please take your own.
  • Toilets are unlikely to be available
  • There will be no Register of Visitors, so if you need to demonstrate that you have ridden or walked past churches, please take selfies on your phone camera.
  • Follow Government guidance on Covid-19, extant at the time
  • If a church is open, touch as little as possible
  • Take hand sanitiser
  • Use off road routes where possible and remember the Highway Code.
  • Stay safe and enjoy the day

We look forward to seeing you on a wonderful and rewarding day.

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