What happens on Ride and Stride Day?

Ride and Stride 2024 takes place on Saturday 14th September.  Please save the date!

You can plan your day to suit yourself  and ride or walk past any churches or chapels you wish. Your choice of transport is up to you – by bike, car, horse, tractor or buggy – or  walking –  or any form of transport you choose!

Riders and Striders raise funds and amounts are shared 50/50 between the WCHCT and the church for which a participant rides or strides. Don’t forget there is a prize of £100 for the individual with the highest sponsorship (as well as a £250 prize for the church with the highest sponsorship).

Forms and information (pdfs)  for Ride and Stride 2023 are attached below.

To make fundraising even simpler you can ask your friends and family to go to JustGiving and make donations there on our Ride and Stride 2023 Warwickshire page.

Please read the Safety information on these forms before riding and striding.