We need churches, chapels and meeting houses to support our county’s fundraising by getting involved with this year’s Ride & Stride.


We are going ahead with Ride and Stride this year, but due to the pandemic, we are letting all potential Riders and Striders know that many churches will not be open. We are therefore asking them to simply ride or walk past churches this year.

However, we urge churches to help find participants so that we can raise funds this year.

Here is our advice to participants:

“The objective is still to ride or stride past or visit as many churches and chapels so as you can to obtain sponsorship for your efforts. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic –

  • Assume that churches will not be open and that there will be no one to welcome you or provide refreshments, so please take your own.
  • Toilets are unlikely to be available
  • There will be no Register of Visitors, so if you need to demonstrate that you have ridden or walked past churches, please take selfies on your phone camera.
  • Follow Government guidance on Covid-19, extant at the time
  • If a church is open, touch as little as possible
  • Take hand sanitiser
  • Use off road routes where possible and remember the Highway Code.
  • Stay safe and enjoy the day”

If you have not registered your email address as a Warwickshire church, chapel or meeting room in the past, please click the green button to Register on the right. We can then keep you informed about Ride and Stride 2020.

Amounts raised from sponsorship are shared between the church that the participant rides or strides for and the WCHCT.

Don’t forget there is a prize of £250 for the church with the highest sponsorship (and there is also a £100 prize for the individual with the highest sponsorship).

Please put out a poster from the information pack below and recruit as many members of your congregation and community to ride or stride for us.

  • Details of our online fundraising page on Virgin Money will be on a link which we will provide in early August 2020. 

Download the documents from these link. The links will be updated by 14th August 2020: 

Information Pack for Church or Parish Coordinators / Organisers. (This contains all the forms listed below (except the Risk Assessment) which can also be downloaded separately).

  • Information for Church / Parish Coordinators/Organisers
  • Poster
  • Register of Visitors to Churches
  • Stickers
  • Sponsorship Form for Riders and Striders (includes Just Giving information)
  • Registration form for Riders and Striders

Please note: This pack does NOT include the Risk Assessment information which you will need. You can download it here

If you are taking photos for sharing or publication, please ensure that you have permission from the people appearing in them. A form is attached here.