Sir John Owen

It is great sadness that we have to report the sad news of the death of one of our most long standing trustees.

Sir John Owen, who died recently was a central figure in the development of The Warwickshire and Coventry Historic Churches Trust.  John, who despite a long history at the cutting edge of law, never lost his gentle and humorous disposition which derived from his Christian upbringing and lifelong advocacy for his faith.  John Owen made decisions whilst a High Court Judge which fundamentally affected the rights of people.   Whilst a Trustee of our Trust and a stalwart member of the Ride and Stride Group John was central to the development of Warwickshire rides which do so much to raise cash for the care of our churches; a matter he felt deeply about and was so obvious from his energy in supporting his local church in Idlecote.  Long time Dean of The Arches Sir John understood cannon law as well as any man yet always understood that the key to the future of our churches lay with local people working to maintain their local buildings.  John Owen will be sadly missed by his many friends and colleagues.

Kevin Bond Chairman WCHCT


The death of Sir John Owen on 9 December 2010, has deprived the Warwickshire and Coventry Historic Churches Trust of an outstanding trustee.  He joined the Trust over a decade ago after a lifetime of distinction in the law, and worked tirelessly for our cause.  As Dean of the Arches he rose to the top of the Anglican ecclesiastical system, and retained a keen interest in church buildings and their parishioners.  Despite his eminence in his profession, he was a man of great modesty; always ready to allow others to express their views before he contributed to discussion; and then helping us reach a sound conclusion with his customary perception, common sense and humour.  Those of us who managed to fight our way through deep snow to his funeral service were moved by the contributions in his memory and felt it wholly appropriate that laughter played such a part in remembering a man of   impressive and varied parts, who was never afraid to take an original and unexpected line if it led to a sensible solution of a problem.  We had learnt to recognise the naughty twinkle in his eye which usually preceded this. 
In addition to being a Trustee, Sir John was a keen member of the Ride & Stride group and used his energies to help us significantly to increase our funds for the repair of our county's churches.
We will miss him, and our sympathy and commiserations are with his wife, Valerie, and the family.   

Will Hawkes and Dr Charles Brown


Sir John Owen