£1100 raised by one Rider!

Congratulations goes to Alec Ross for raising the most amount of sponsorship on the 2010 Bike Ride.

Alec got his company UK Mail plc to match the amount he raised, enabling him to raise a staggering £1100 for WCHCT. Well done Alec and congratulations!

Below is an extract from Divine Inspiration's October Gatekeeper which describes his day:

“I had a warm welcome at so many churches, as well as tea, coffee, home-made cake and biscuits and squash. Particular mention must go to St Leonard’s, Birdingbury with a choice of four types of biscuit!”
“I met some lovely people on my journey. Especially memorable stops were Bishops Itchington and Hunningham. Less happy to relate were the sorry sights of Radford Semele and All Saints, Leamington Hastings, both shrouded in scaffolding following arson attacks.”
“I occasionally encountered other cyclists, but they were few and far between. Perhaps I chose a less popular route, but it was one that I could highly recommend and would encourage more cyclists to take on the challenge next year. You can see photos of some of the churches I visited
here - most of them feature the bike!”
“In all in was a great day out with a good pub lunch in the White Hart in Ufton, 45 miles of rain-free cycling, 23 churches and £1100 raised for the charity.”

Alec with bike.......