Every year Ride & Stride is on the second Saturday of September every year and is a national, sponsored event involving all the Historic Churches County Trusts.


Information about Ride and Stride 2021 will be available here in the early part of 2021.

Riders and Striders are invited to cycle, horse ride, drive or walk between churches, chapels and meeting rooms on any route of their choice.It’s great fun and an enjoyable day out with family or friends while raising funds to support the repair and restoration of churches so that future generations can enjoy these historic treasures too.

Money raised is divided 50% between the participant’s chosen church and the WCHCT.

To find out more, go to either “I am a Church or Parish Coordinator / Organiser”
or “I want to be a Rider or Strider”.

On these pages you can download all the forms and information you need – or make a donation / set up a fundraising page online.  




Funds can be raised by finding sponsors and collecting donations or by using Virgin Money online which makes fundraising much easier. A link will be provided in early August.



The Trustees of the WCHCT will award £250.00 to the church with the highest sponsorship received.


The Trustees of the WCHCT will award £100.00 to the church of the individual rider or strider with the highest sponsorship received.

To qualify for this your sponsorship money must be paid to the treasurer by the 31st October, following that year’s Ride and Stride in September . In the event of a tie, the prize money will be split equally between winners. The Trustees’ decision is final.