The Warwickshire and Coventry Churches Historic Trust is a registered charity, non-religious and self-supporting. It was founded in 1978 and is affiliated to the National Churches Trust. Its aim is to preserve the rich heritage of church buildings for future generations and support the local communities that use them.



Regular upkeep and maintenance of the fabric of our historic churches, chapels and meeting rooms is vital to their preservation. This responsibility falls on local congregations, many of whom can no longer support the burden of this alone.

Whilst wider use of the church building by the local community can help to share the load and spread the sense of responsibility for its wellbeing, additional funds are still needed from other outside sources. Our constitution requires us to set up and maintain a Trust Fund – and to use this to help churches in use within the old county boundary of Warwickshire and the City of Coventry.

Whilst the need for us to raise our own funds can limit the extent of our grant offers, we have found that they can often prove critical to parishes in assisting them to get going with their own fundraising for essential repairs.


Over the years we have been able to help churches in every part of the County and City.  Grants can be made available for work of repair and maintenance and can include conservation of fixtures and fittings and chattels. Click here for more information about applying for a grant.


Every second Saturday in September we organise Ride and Stride as a fundraiser to help repair the churches in our area. We also arrange concerts and other fundraising events from time to time.