Ride and Stride took place on Saturday 11th September 2021. Thank you to everyone who found Riders and Striders in their congregations and communities and  opened their churches.  

Next year it will take place on Saturday 10th September 2022. Please save the date!

About Ride and Stride 

Every year Ride and Stride raises funds so that the Trust can make grants to churches, but it also provides funds that could go direct to your church too.  Amounts raised from Ride and Stride through sponsorship are shared 50/50 between the church nominated by the rider or strider and the WCHCT,  so it is a very valuable and easy way to raise funds for your church.

You may only need to find one person who can encourage other riders to join him or her on the cycle ride or walk  and you could potentially raise hundreds of pounds for your church in a single day! 

(Don’t forget there is also a prize of £250 for the church with the highest sponsorship (and there is also a £100 prize for the individual with the highest sponsorship).  

To register your church, chapel or meeting room with us, please click the green button on the right to register. We can then keep you informed about Ride and Stride this year and in the future.

Please also put a poster up (see poster download below)with your church’s contact details written on it, so that interested riders and striders can let someone  know that they want to ride or stride for your church.

Once you have found your Ride and Stride champion or encouraged a few people in your congregation or community to join in, you just need to direct them to the Rider and Strider page on this website, so that they can download the information and forms they need. Some of them will be used to online fundraising and will be happy to raise sponsorship or make a one off donation at Virgin Money Giving.

If you have any queries about Ride and Stride please email admin@warwickshirechurches.org.uk

Here are forms (below)  for 2021 that you can leave in the church for people to fill in. 

Please read the Risk Assessment information. You can download it here

If you are taking photos for sharing or publication, please ensure that you have permission from the people appearing in them. A form is attached here.

To save paperwork, we no longer require a Register of Visitors to be logged and sent to the Trust. If Riders and Striders want to show their sponsors they have visited a church, we recommend they take photos on their phones.

Many thanks  to everyone who took part in our ‘socially distanced’ Ride and Stride last year. Your support was much appreciated and we hope you will ride or stride again in 2021.